Southwest Style Sofa

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A southwest style sofa is a great add-on to a warm and cozy living room interior. What we know as the southwest palette has a lot of airy blues, rusty red and different shades of brown and yellow. It’s a very warm color palette and it represents the southwest very accurately. These colors are seen in the culture of Navajo people which is why you’ll notice their style of art has a lot of influence on the southwest style of decorating.

New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona are among the states that are influenced by this culture. You’ll notice a lot of similarities in terms of home interiors because they use a color palette that relates to their environment. The desert has warm, earthy tones which is suitable for creating a welcoming tone in your living room design. Aside from earthy tones, they’re known to use strong colors like turquoise and red that gives some kind of accent to the overall design.

southwest style sofa

southwest style sofa

Incorporating a southwest style sofa in your living room

This kind of sofa is inspired by a lot of colors and texture. Because the southwest is an endless inspiration for nature-related designs, you’ll easily find this style of furniture in Utah, Arizona and other states from the southwest region. Adding a sofa in this particular style can give your living room a mismatched look that creates a welcoming feel. The patterns have a lot of unique designs which makes it different from other patterns like figural or pastoral from the French country style. They represent a very rich culture which is why you will notice a lot of blue shades as well because linking turquoise stones is a cultural trade.

southwest style sofa slipcovers

This kind of sofa style is traditional and leaning towards ethnic in nature. A southwest style sofa is grounded on the rich culture of the southwest region which is represented by the color palette and designs of these types of sofas.


2 Photos of the Southwest Style Sofa

southwest style sofasouthwest style sofa slipcovers

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