Popular Dining Room Paint Colors 2013

You can pick the popular color in dining room paint colors 2013. You will be glad when you find out that your dining room look different and fantastic from the rest of the rooms in the house. You can bring an adventurous style in the room if you are brave to mix and match different types of shades.

The dining room color available can bring traditional, modern, contemporary or even arty style. You can enjoy the dinner, breakfast and lunch in great condition if you can choose the right wall paint color. A red dining room is a good option for red can stimulate and motivate your appetite.

Make sure that red color used in the room is in the right tone. Avoid the bloody red color for it can make the occupants anxious. You can choose deep red accent in brick red, pale red or burgundy red. The trim door and wood in the room can be treated in off white shade. It can reduce the energizing look of red.

The wooden furniture in the room can be treated in dark brown. The window covering can be made in cream color silk taffeta. If you want to have a wooden chair in the room, pick the blue cushion to make the occupants comfortable to sit for longer time. Get the inspiration of dining room paint colors 2013 from the natural environment.

If you love daffodil, you can bring the yellow shade in the room. Yellow is considered as the popular color to choose. You can make the room cheerful and country. You can paint the furniture pieces like dining table and chair different in yellow. The wall can be treated in off white shade. The glass, plates and other dinner ware can be made in cornflower blue accents. The combination can bring the country air in dining room paint colors 2013.

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